KN - Journal of cartography and geographic information : an official journal of DGfK, SGK and ÖKK

KN - Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information is dedicated to theoretical, applied and empirical approaches of cartography and geovisualization. Cartography is understood here as a science and technique to analyze, visualize and communicate spatial information. Cartography is the cross-over discipline in the field of spatial and geo sciences, including geoinformation science.
Cartography addresses spatial questions from a variety of disciplines, including geography, environmental sciences and social sciences, using methods and tools developed at the interface with neighboring domains such as geodesy, GI Science, and spatial cognition. These questions can put different emphasis on theoretical fundamentals, methods, techniques and applications.
All articles of the journal are peer-reviewed. Furthermore, there are short articles on recent technical developments in practical applications with geodata. The journal reports on national as well as international conferences and other events concerning the above-mentioned fields.

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