Archeofoss : open source, free software e open format nei processi di ricerca archeologica; atti del IV Workshop (Roma, 27 - 28 aprile 2009)

"The second Supplement to Archeologia e Calcolatori is dedicated to the publication of the Proceedings of the 4th Workshop ARCHEOFOSS Open Source, Free Software e Open Format nei processi di ricerca archeologica, which was organised in April 2009 in Rome, at the Italian National Research Council, under the auspices of the Cultural Heritage Department.
This is an annual meeting, unique both in the national and in the international panorama, which deals with a specific theme of current interest in the field of archaeological computing: promote the use of open source software and open standards in order to facilitate data sharing in archaeology. The volume is subdivided in four main thematic sections: Open Process, Open Data, Open Software and Open Learning, which constitute the basic concepts of the Open Archaeology movement.


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