Digitisation of maps : only a colourful picture or a value added service?

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Crom, Wolfgang

The digital processing of scanned map sheets and the vector calculation necessary for today’s geodetic systems in order to integrate the maps into GIS driven software is only possible when institutions invest an enormous amount of time, and when they have knowledge in history and geodesy, expert qualification and adequate financial resources. Only the project Sächsische Meilenblätter with a university of applied sciences as cooperation partner has been possible without external financing. They tried to find a new way: for the students it was part of their studies and therefore the project had no staff costs, the results met all expectations and it was worth the efforts. In this context, the possibility for students to write theses is not only a side effect, it can stimulate innovative methods and a continuous dynamic adaptation. For the public and for the research community Web Map Services open new perspectives. The first project, the Digital Wenker-Atlas, has become the basis for an important follow-up project, linguists have obtained a completely new tool for unexpected areas of research and use it very extensively and also way beyond the Institut für Deutsche Sprache. Historic land surveys are not only used by scientists but also by public institutions and a broad group of local historians who are interested in old landscapes. For special applications, new technical possibilities are of immediate use, for example, in the fields of forestry, archaeology, protection of nature or regional planning. It is not only the quantity of the digitised map holdings of now ca. 25,000 sheets from the map department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, which is rather impressive. What is especially in the focus of our activities is the high-quality and application-oriented processing, which we are only able to achieve with reliable partners at our side.


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