Zeitschrift für historische Forschung

Established in 1974, the Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung is the only German-language journal that concentrates on the epochs of the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Age. This concept is based on the idea of thematising the history of the European Pre-Modern Period from the High Middle Ages to the Reformation and up to the revolutionary Saddle Period around 1800 as a structural unit. In a methodical and factual sense, the ZHR illustrates the diversity of German-language historical scholarship. It has a stable core in the area of political and constitutional history, but it has always been just as open to article from the history of religion, science and ideas, as well as from the legal, social and economic history. In addition to essay articles, it offers current research reports and an extensive review section on a regular basis. The latter reviews about 200 new publications by experts for experts every year.

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